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Our new personnel Tracking Reports to fight against Covid 19

The current pandemic led us to adapt MyLoneWorkers’s functionalities to meet the newly arisen needs of our customers. These functionalities facilitate the identification, documentation and contact tracing procedures associated with a confirmed COVID-19 case among company staff and/or external visitors.

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Track and Trace potential Covid cases through MyLoneWorkers within your workplace

MyLoneWorkers is a monitoring system used to schedule, organize and monitor the tasks of lone workers employed in industries such as hospitality, cleaning services and facilities management, etc.

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MyLoneWorkers received the Silver award at “Facilities Management Awards 2020”

We are very proud to have been awarded the Silver Award at the "Facilities Management Awards 2020".

Terracom participated with MyLoneWorkers management system in the third pillar "Organization and Process Innovation" and in the category "Operational Excellence".

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Safeguard VIPs and Individuals with the new Safepass functionality!

Safepass feature is one of the great new additions of the GOLD version and helps you keep your clients safer than ever! With Safepass, companies are able to safeguard VIPs & individuals ("Safepass Clients") by giving them access to a Mobile Application.

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Sanitization Services: How MyLoneWorkers will help you overcome the crisis in your business

The world is gradually reopening following the lockdowns that had been imposed by authorities in a bid to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. But to keep the rate of infection as low as possible, businesses and organizations have been advised to encourage social distancing, maintain high levels of hygiene, and keep their premises adequately sanitized. As such, if you are planning to reopen your business or organization, there are a number of things that you need to do to keep it free from coronavirus.

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How to overcome Covid-19 crisis in your business

The world is trying for its big restart after the prolonged lockdown measures put in place. The new normal requires changes and is a challenge for companies and organizations in order to achieve their goals and keep all individuals involved satisfied, but most important SAFE.

Our solution is no1 easy-to-adopt/easy-to-manage software as a Service tool, meaning no need for additional IT infrastructure and long deployment times.

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Support Services and Startup Training

Hearing your feedback all these years, we thought it is time to take our services a step further to support your success.

We are thus introducing our new and upgraded Support & Startup Training packages, designed to meet every need, from general, simple inquiries, to the most demanding ones!

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Introducing the new Actions Log feature in the web application!

Have you ever been in a position where there has been a change in the settings of your MyLoneWorker account but you were not aware of which user made that change (and why)?

The Actions Log feature in now live for GOLD accounts! This feature is essentially a "tool" to monitor all the actions made by the users of the web application.

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About MyLoneWorkers

MyLoneWorkers innovative system reduces the risks and guarantees that every lone worker returns home safely after carrying out their tasks at work which is one of the most basic responsibilities for an employer. It is a real time lone worker monitoring system which skyrockets the efficiency of lone workers’ safety and the completion of their tasks offering them the ability to increase their productivity via technology.

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Terracom has as main objective the production of innovative technology products and the provision of integrated IT and communications solutions.

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