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MyLoneWorkers system consists of a web and a mobile application(both iOS and Android) so as to ensure Lone Workers’ maximum prevention and protection.

Web app

The best way to manage your lone workers schedules and tasks-assignments

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MyLoneWorkers web application allows total control on different entries' levels: administrators, managers, lone worker’s companies, lone workers and clients. A lone worker manager can control all the parameters regarding the levels down in the hierarchy.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to add and edit all relevant information regarding the various users roles and allows the total remote management of any incident, lone worker, schedule, client related to the lone worker’s company or organization.

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Mobile app

Simplify lone workers’ inspections via cloud and smartphone technology




With the mobile application you can now start a task-assignment by the simple press of a button. Their accomplishment becomes now easier than ever via your smartphone.

Just get on the place, launch MyLoneWorkers mobile app, log in and start a task-assignment. At the same moment, an alarm event is sent to the MyLoneWorkers web application via a cloud server, indicating that a new task-assignment has just been launched.

You can not only send events but also communicate with the managing staff via multimedia interaction, including: text messages, images captured at the moment of operating or audio messages. All of the messages include signature validation to claim legal processes and extinguish ambiguity for lone worker’s activities.

When a lone worker comes up with an urgent situation, he can send an immediate SOS alert to the monitoring center by pressing the red SOS button. In addition, he can choose from a list of predefined incidents to send, such as: sudden illness of the lone worker, missing keys, physical violence from members of the public and/or intruders during darkness or on public transport, travelling on public transport, accidents from chemicals used for cleaning, car accidents – breakdowns – break-ins, theft, etc.

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