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Manage your Lone workers in facilities management

The best way to organize your Lone Workers' schedule

MyLoneWorkers monitoring system can provide safety and confidence for any work environment or occupation as well as ensure reliability and efficiency in the completion of daily tasks:

 Real-Time Incidents

 Advanced Reporting

 Cloud Infrastracture

 Checkpoints Scan (Beacons, QR-Codes, NFC)

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Companies and Organizations that accomplish tasks through Lone Workers deal with multiple challenges. Especially for Cleaning Industries, MyLoneWorkers system provides unique assistance.

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How to protect your Lone Workers

Using MyLoneWorkers as a task management tool is the best way of planning, managing and tracking your Cleaners’ tasks:

 Mobile Forms: Save valuable time and reduce costs – Replace exhaustive paper reports

 Scheduled Email Client Reports: Allow your clients to have full transparency of your valuable work. Keep them satisfied!

 Cleaners' safety: Protect your valuable individuals! Make them unstressed and increase their productivity!

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lone workers solution

MyLoneWorkers is an advanced Workers solution to help you create cleaners’ schedule templates and follow specific scheduling during the whole cleaners’ monitoring activities. Monitor your cleaners and manage your workflow in an efficient way, automating all internal work process.

cleaning services software

Organize your staff and schedule tasks-assignments

Create Lone workers’ schedule templates and follow specific scheduling during the whole Lone workers’ monitoring activities. Monitor your staff and manage your workflow in an efficient way, automating all internal work process.

cleaning services software


when a Lone Worker gets on a remote site so as to execute maintenance work, MyLoneWorkers records check-in time. In accordance, the checkout-time is also recorded in the system and the Monitoring Center get an immediate alert of each event.

cleaning services software

Real-Time position monitoring

MyLoneWorkers mobile app is linked to a secure cloud based monitoring hub which locates your lone worker’s position accurately through GPS, Wi-Fi, GSM Network in real time.

Man Down

Man Down is simple to understand: When a lone workers deals with the risk of fire, electric shock, collapses, falls or slips due to an unpredictable risk or hazard, a Man Down notification is sent to the Monitoring Center so that immediate action will be taken. Man Down functionality relies on the use of a sensor clip, which is placed on lone cleaner's uniform.

External BLE SOS button

Enhance your Lone workers' security level by using an external BLE SOS button. In case your security officers cannot use their smartphone (physical attack, abuse), they can now send a real-time SOS alert just by pressing the Panic button that they will carry along and inform the monitoring center that they are in danger.

An integrated solution for cleaning staff management

Manage your Cleaning Officers from everywhere


MyLoneWorkers mobile app

Arm your cleaning officers with the ultimate tool to execute their services

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MyLoneWorkers web app

Track, Manage, Schedule in real-time remotely

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MyLoneWorkers M.A.R.S.

Real-time mobile cleaning workers tour management

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Easy push to talk notifications for your cleaning workers interactions

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The simplest way to monitor your Lone Workers in real-time through advanced Internet of Things technology

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