Lone Worker App: The Step by Step Guide to choose the best app for your Lone Workers

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You are already aware of the benefits of a Lone Worker application for your business.

You also know that there are traditional systems that use memory cards but also cloud systems which operate through an application running on your smartphone or on web (SaaS system - Software as a Service).

You can take it for granted that it is necessary to invest in a pioneering cloud Lone Worker app, (check here to learn why), but how will you choose the appropriate Lone Worker system for your company and especially for your Lone Workers’ protection too?


So, we’ll go through a step by step guide to analyze the best possible solution for your needs and which are the features you should focus on so as to buy the best Lone Worker system (Lone Worker App) for your company.

1. Use a checkpoint system for your Lone Workers

How will you ensure that your Lone Workers accomplish their tasks and follow the daily work schedule? There is no direct supervision and you cannot be aware of their GPS position or the tasks they are involved in.

checkpoints, beacons, nfc, qr-code

A checkpoint system is a simple way to assure that your Lone Workers will execute their tasks according to the predefined schedule as well as be aware of their location and activities.

checkpoints, beacons, nfc, qr-code


Use a Lone Worker app which incorporates NFC or Beacon technology and not only QR-Code checkpoints!


2. Use a Lone Worker app which includes multimedia attachment

Taking into account that a Lone Worker is working constantly alone, he should be able to communicate immediately with the managing staff. Incorporatig multimedia attachments means that the Lone Worker can send images and voice messages so as to clarify the situation with visualizations or sound recordings.

checkpoints, beacons, nfc, qr-code

The ability to take pictures and send them in real-time to the monitoring center helps to make better reports. The Lone Worker has to extinguish any ambiguity about his work and send correct incident reports while the monitoring center has to receive accurate data that will not be imposed to any doubt.


3. Real-time Lone Worker app

We have mentioned too many times the term “real-time”.

Should it be a so important factor for your lone worker app choice?

Of course, it should.

Just think that your Lone Workers are not directly supervised. It means that in case of a danger, you cannot protect them. However, you can be informed about the danger and the critical situation. But it’s your choice: Will you be informed immediately, after one hour, after 5 hours or the day after?

It would be a major negligence not to take care about real-time information that could save your Lone Workers life or prevent them from extra problems or accidents!



You can receive real-time alerts in case of a real-time lone worker app. Invest on a cloud solution, so as to manage your Lone Workers completely remotely, no matter where you are (office or home).


4. Use an one-click SOS alarm app

The main task of your Lone Workers is to execute their tasks and inform the monitoring center about their activities. So, if you provide a Lone Worker app to them, they will manage their daily work and send alerts and notifications to the center.

Your major concern should be to protect them, so you should get a mobile Lone Worker app that is very simple to use and let them complete all tasks by just pressing on buttons.

When being in a dangerous situation, Lone Workers should send SOS notification immediately. So, choose a Lone Worker app that will let them send SOS alarms with no delay time!



A Man Down Alarm means an automated SOS notification in case a Lone Worker falls down!


5. Get Advanced Reporting with your Lone Worker App

Reporting is the key to achieve better management of your company. Getting high level reports and full incident reports for specific time periods (day, week, month, year, etc.), you can estimate costs, resources allocation and solve arising problems. As a result, better reporting tools mean better total management of your company and productivity rate increase.

lone worker app reports

A must-have Lone Worker app will offer full reporting capability including real-time reporting tools and real-time incident reports.


6. Choose a lone worker app with user level management

Focus on a Lone Worker application which allows total control on different company / organization entries' levels: administrators, managers, companies which employee lone worker, workers and clients.

lone worker app hierarchy

In most cases, Lone Worker systems will have both a mobile and a web application. The mobile application is the necassary tool for the Lone Worker while the web application is the necessary tool for the Lone Workers Manager. The Lone Worker Manager or the managing staff in general should add and edit all relevant information regarding the various users roles within the hierarchy. It means that a powerful lone worker application should allow total remote management of any incident, worker, schedule and client related to the lone worker tour company or organization.



In many cases, Lone Workers have to execute tasks for clients. The company which employees Lone Workers should inform clients about their activities. So, point out on a Lone Worker app that will send real-time reports to the final clients regarding the work processes and the daily activities of the Lone Workers which are relevant to their infrastracture, building or territories.


7. Manage your Lone Workers from your smartphone

Most of the cloud lone working systems use a web application to monitor and manage Lone Workers activities.

Just go a step further.

Look for a lone worker system that allows remote monitoring and management just from your smartphone!

It sounds a bit difficult?

myloneworkers mars

MyLoneWorkers can do it for you. It bears all this functionality, using a mobile app (MyLoneWorkers M.A.R.S) that enables monitoring, incident reporing,schedule arrangement and much more just from your smartphone!

MyLoneWorkers M.A.R.S. is a mobile application specially designed to enable mobile workers tour monitoring and management.

Using MyLoneWorkers M.A.R.S. you can get real-time events (no need to refresh) any time a new event is occuring. The application is a suberb way to keep an eye on your tasks 24/7 and get quick reports for any client and site.

Learn more about MyLoneWorkers M.A.R.S.


8. Integrate other apps with your lone worker app

If you just need a system to manage 1, 2 or 5 Lone Workers, the ability to connect it with other systems may be unnecessary. However, most companies, businesses and organizations need to avoid complexity and not use different software solutions to accomplish tasks and daily routines.

So, if you need a system that will be flexible and customizable, you should search for one with an API functionality. API means that you will be able to connect your Lone Worker app to other external systems and softwares of your company (e.g. crm system, erp systems, etc). Investing in a Lone Worker application with an API interface means that you invest on the need to have a centralized system for your company that will deteriorate complex procedures and will unify all of your systems.



You can use API functionality to retrieve useful data for your external app, such as all SOS alarms occured within a month, how many Lone Workers inspected a specific location, etc.


You should think that a Lone worker app is a vital part of your business, ensuring not only your Lone Workers protection but also providing a way to manage them efficiently, taking immediate action when being under dangerous conditions. Bear in mind that Lone Workers applications are different. It’s important to look for Lone Worker solutions that have incorporated many significant features and let you get the job done with ease via a fully automated software.

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MyLoneWorkers innovative system reduces the risks and guarantees that every lone worker returns home safely after carrying out their tasks at work which is one of the most basic responsibilities for an employer. It is a real time lone worker monitoring system which skyrockets the efficiency of lone workers’ safety and the completion of their tasks offering them the ability to increase their productivity via technology.


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