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Services & Features

1. Can you supply rugged devices?

Of course we can. Please contact us or contact our partners worldwide.

2. Is there an alert that will email head office if my worker is off-schedule?

Yes! MyLoneWorkers system includes real time e-mail notifications if the worker scans the checkpoints earlier/later than expected (i.e. according to his Schedule) or if he doesn't scan them at all.

3. Can I see the position of my staff on the map?

Of course, in real time.

4. Can my staff send text notes to the control room during their tour?

Yes they can.

5. Can my staff send pictures/sound during their tour?

Yes they can. For more information, please read our detailed guide in the Multimedia options section.

6. Can the control room send text notes/instructions to my staff?

Yes of course, using a very simple interface. The system even allows you to send text notes to multiple workers simultaneously!

7. Can MyLoneWorkers be used for Incident Reporting?

Yes. The manager can define an Incidents List via the web application, and the worker can subsequently choose from that predefined Incidents list the ones that best fit in the circumstances. Furthermore, the worker can write text notes in order to better describe the situation, and even assign a checkpoint to that Incident.

8. Can the Incident Report contain pictures and text notes?

Yes of course.

9. Can the Incident Report be sent directly via e-mail to the client?

Yes of course. The worker can choose to send directly and in real time the Incident Report to the client's e-mail address! 

10. Is it possible to edit the incident questionnaire?

Yes, you can create your own incidents or modify the existing ones by following the next steps:
On the top-left corner of your web application, click on the "Company" button and select "Incident" from the list below. The list of the existing incidents will appear on your screen.

To edit an Incident:

Select any of the incidents and press "Edit". A window will pop-up with the name and the code of the incident. You can change either of them and save the changes by clicking "Confirm" afterwards.

To add another Incident:

Click on the "Add Incident" button and fill in the fields "Incident" and "Code" that will appear on the pop-up window. Save the new Incident by pressing "Confirm".

11. Does the system allow me to set scheduled routes for my staff?

Yes of course. You can create two types of schedules: Loose Schedules and Strict Schedules.

12. What does loose Schedule mean?

A loose Schedule is a schedule where the check time range of each checkpoint inside the schedule doesn't matter. In a loose Schedule, you only specify the scanning time for the whole Schedule (i.e. not per checkpoint).

13. Can the schedules be sent to the mobile device?

Of course, so that your staff can be aware of what to do next at any time!

14. Are there any reporting capabilities?

Yes, the system offers numerous reports. They can be exported in Excel and PDF format. There is also a full transactions Excel export for further processing.

15. Is there available a KLM/KMZ export?

Yes, it is available for any worker tour.

16. Is there any way for the end customer to be informed?

Yes, end customers can have their own credentials for accessing the system, and monitor in real-time the actions that have taken place on their sites!

17. My client wants a tour done every hour, starting at 11 am to 3 am the next day. Do I have to create 16 Schedule routes to receive the email alerts?

You only have to create 1 Schedule (strict). Also, select the same checkpoint 16 times and type the preferred scan time-range for each occurence!

18. Can the supervisor receive an alert on his/her smartphone as well as on desktop?

When one of the workers presses the SOS button, the supervisor immediately receives an alert on his desktop (including sound and colour notification), an email, and even an SMS! The supervisor can also use the web application on his/her smartphone, or can use MyLoneWorkers M.A.R.S. to receive instant notifications on his mobile phone!

19. Will MyLoneWorkers notify our workers automatically about any changes the supervisor made on schedules?

When a supervisor modifies a schedule, changes are transferred to the mobile application  and the schedule section is updated immediately!

20. What happens to my worker's data in case of an internet loss?

The mobile application works properly offline as well and your workers can continue sending any type of event! The unsent events will be queued and will be submitted to the system once the device retrieves the signal. So there's no chance that your events can be lost!

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